Ruiz Consulting

Customers don’t measure their success by your projects being on time and on budget, so why are you?

People buy products and services that provide a way for them to make progress in an area of their lives they currently struggle with. Your customer's struggle causes them to look for a solution that best get the job done. However, customer needs shift and expectations grow over the years as they continue to strive to make progress. It's never been more important to learn and understand your customer's needs, and to then design your products to meet them. Your competition knows it, and your customers now expect it.

I will partner with you to design meaningful solutions that allow your customers to achieve the progress they desire.


Guiding Principles

Understanding and learning from our customers is the key to growth in the modern, technology-accelerated economy.

I believe in learning and adapting, over rationalizing beliefs and defending the status quo.



  • Knowledge over Assumption
  • Collaboration over Insulation
  • Relevance over Permanence
  • Intention over Serendpity

Free Design Advisor Call

Are you a business owner or leader struggling with a UX design or product strategy challenge? Having a discussion with an expert outside of your company can help you gain an important perspective.  Many times you can bring clarity to an issue by talking it through with another person. 

Why is the call free?

I learn a lot from speaking with people trying to build amazing products. Not every project is a fit, but this call helps me understand more about your company and the problems you are trying to tackle.